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Segmentation & Targeting In Nigeria II

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In my last post, I wrote about the need for marketers to segment the market and focus (target) their effort on the ones (segments) they can serve most effectively. A lot of people disagreed with me and accused me of expounding textbook theories that have no relevance in the Nigerian business environment.

To these marketing experts, the best strategy in an undeveloped and data-poor market like Nigeria is to market to the mass market. They cited examples to buttress this point. They also pointed out the absence of real-life example in my write-up.

This post is my response to them. And no theory

One of the most truly competitive markets in Nigeria is the FM radio industry. The competition is particularly stiff in Lagos. This was the market Brilla FM entered a few years ago. Within a year the station became the toast of listeners and advertisers.  Why this instant success? The answer is simple: Brilla FM is not just another radio station; it is a sports station targeted at sports enthusiasts!

This naturally differentiates Brilla FM from other stations and provides it with a potent USP. The implication? Well, if I am a marketer of men’s targeted products, where do you think I will advertise?

Also, into this same very saturated FM market came WAZOBIA FM two years ago and their success is even more profound than that of Brilla FM. The reason is also not farfetched. Half of Lagosians just don’t understand your Queen’s English but most, if not all speak pidgin. And the good WAZOBI FM people (God bless them) understand this. They established a pidgin-only radio station.

The result, WAZOBIA FM is arguably the most listened-to radio station in Lagos.

Anybody still in doubt about the importance of segmentation and targeting in effective marketing in Nigeria

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